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DroidGamers Deals: Martian Notifier Smartwatch, Lifetime BitVPN Subscription, and the 2016 Complete Coders Bundle

It’s time for another week of DroidGamers Deals over at our store. This week’s deals include the Martian Notifier Smartwatch, the Stencyle Game Development Bundle, and the Pay What You Want for the 2016 Complete Coder’s Bundle, all of which are discounted nicely.

Martian Notifier Smartwatch

For those of you wanting a smartwatch, and are new to the whole smartwatch thing, then grabbing a beginner’s watch might be the best plan of action instead of forking out good money for something like an LG Urbane. Once you get used to using one, then you can make the jump to something like that. This watch can do a lot of things from receiving app notifications to remotely snapping pictures using your phone camera.

Martian Notifier Smartwatch Features:

– Get push notifications from any of hundreds of apps
– Assign custom vibration alerts
– Snap pictures using a remote trigger
– Set up to 5 individual or recurring alarms
– Receive alerts when you’re walking away from your phone
– Easily find your phone by tapping a menu to call it
– Access a digital world clock
– Quickly check local weather conditions

Usually this watch is priced around $130, but for the next couple of days you can snap one up for $35.99, which is 72% off the normal price. The watch is available in Black, Red, and White.

DroidGamers Deals: Martian Notifier Smartwatch

BitVPN Lifetime Subscription

We’ve talked about the benefits of VPN services when it comes to Android games, specifically gaining access to soft launched games in only a select few regions or when a game is released in full in only one region. This is for a lifetime subscription to the BitVPN service which has plenty of servers all of the world for you to log into and get access to things you normally wouldn’t

BitVPN’s lifetime subscription would normally cost $200, but for the next couple of day you can snag one for 82% off its regular price, which works out to be $34.99.

DroidGamers Deals: BitVPN Lifetime Subscription

Pay What You Want: 2016 Complete Coder’s Bundle

Our newest Pay What You Want bundle is for the 2016 Complete Coder’s Bundle, which contains a total of 10 courses you could purchase. This works like any other bundle style of system, so if you pay whatever you want over $1, you’ll receive 2 courses. If you pay over the average amount at the time of your purchase, you’ll get all 10. This time around, proceeds of all sales will go to the Save The Children charity. This bundle has pretty much everything you could want, from CSS to mobile app development, AngularJs, and even an Android Marshmallow development course.

Like all of the Pay What You Want bundles we have, if you show up on the leaderboard in any spot at any time, you’ll gain one entry into the giveaway for this bundle. If you take the top spot at any point, you’ll receive 5 entries.

DroidGamers Deals: 2016 Complete Coder’s Bundle

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