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See how many presents you can reclaim from the dinosaurs that stole them in Rox Fling

Released by Mars on a Stick, Rox Fling is a jumping game (of sorts) that’s now out for Android. In this game, players will assume the roll of a caveman named Rox, whose Christmas presents were stolen by nearby dinosaurs, thus Rox will take it upon himself to retrieve them.

The gameplay is simple, where players will guide Rox down a giant frozen hill while he rides his sled, somewhat similar to an Olympic Ski jump or inrun, then take a giant leap off of the sled (in mid-air) to see how far Rox can go. Players will attempt to bounce along the dinosaurs on the ground below, and collect as many of the presents as possible, before touching the ground.

Rox Fling Features:

· Crazy rag-doll physics action!
· Find and collect as many stolen present as you can.
· Upgrade your character to help you get ahead!
· Choose from a range of crazy hats to wear!
· Beautiful generated environments.
· Connect with friends and see who can rag doll the furthest.
· Complete a collection of Achievements – can you get them all?
· Day & Night mode changes as you play!
· Share wacky greetings with friends!

There is a social aspect to the game as well, with distance markers for where others have landed, so players can compare who was able to go the longer distance. Rox Fling is available for free from Google Play. You can check out the game in action with the video below as well.

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