Day: 22 January 2016


Nintendo’s upcoming NX system may actually be two devices in one

Nintendo this year is planning to finally start revealing details about their next system called the NX. Recently this system was in the news the other day because of the apparent rumor that it will come with the ability to work with mobile devices, PCs, and possibly other consoles. Today news is coming out that takes things a step further, making it all the more interesting, with the fact that the NX may actually be two devices.


Massively popular card game Exploding Kittens is coming to Android soon

Fans of the card game that was a Kickstarter phenom (getting $8 million+ in funding), there is good news: Exploding Kittens is coming soon to Android. The gameplay for the original card game is simple, in that players may play any number of cards they desire from their hand. At the end of their turn, they must draw a card, and then the next player does the same. Play continues until someone draws a card of an exploding kitty, at which point the player in question loses.


Super Undercover Slime Agent is an upcoming humor-filled platformer with a twist: No Jumping

One of the mechanics usually required to play any type of platformer is the ability to jump. Meet Super Undercover Slime Agent, an upcoming platformer with plenty of humor and one really interesting twist to it, there’s no jumping involved. The good news… sort of… is that you can bounce a bit, which means you’ll need to master the skill of bouncing off things to clear gaps and the like.