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The drag n’ drop game development platform called Bloxels is now available

Back in May of last year we reported on a Kickstarter campaign for a platform, called Bloxels, where code-illiterate individuals can make games using a drag n’ drop system with a board game looking set of tools. This system basically allows you to set up each stage using a square area (game board) where you place different colored cubes into the spaces provided.

Each color of cube represents a different element within the game. So red cubes, for example, could represent the monsters in the game, while the yellow block denote the boundaries of the level and so on. This platform also comes with plenty of assets (graphics, etc) for developers to use. So since your red cubes denote monsters, you can pick what they look like from the provided assets, or add your own of course.

Once you are happy with how your level looks, you then take your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) and proceed to ‘take a picture’ of the game board with your camera. The Bloxels application will then turn it into a game you can play through or proceed to further customize that particular level. Your gaming area isn’t confined to a single board either. Creating a much bigger game means that all you need to do is attached multiple game board together.

For those of you interested in purchasing Bloxels, you can do so through their official website. There’s five different packages available. There is the standard Bloxels set ($49.95), the Team Builder 5-pack ($200), the Classroom 10-pack ($300), a Classroom 15-pack ($400), and the biggest one which is a Classroom 20-pack with video chat support ($500).

Official Website: Bloxels Purchases

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