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New Physics-based puzzler Tigerball has bounced its way onto Android

Released by Laxarus, Tigerball is a new physics-based game that’s now out on Android. In this game, players are looking to bounce a yellow ball with black stripes (hence the name) into a basket. For each stage, the obstacles that must be bypassed by the ball will change.

At some points there will be other bouncing balls that you must avoid via proper timing (otherwise they mess with the Tigerball’s trajectory), while at other points it’s just a plain old difficult shot, like sinking the Tigerball through a basketball hoop from behind. At other points, players will need to ricochet the Tigerball off of other bouncing balls, or over the top of blocks, and even find themselves in tricky starting positions.

Tigerball Features:

– Super realistic physics
– Silky smooth swipe control
– Fast paced or relaxing depending on how you play
– 100 handcrafted levels set in 20 worlds

All told there are 100 different stages that are spread out over twenty different worlds . Tigerball is available for free from Google Play, has no ads, and offers an optional pro upgrade that unlocks the ability to start from checkpoints, along with other IAPs.

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