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See how well you play QB in Flick Quarterback 16 from Full Fat Games

Release by Full Fat, Flick Quarterback 16 is the newest addition to the company’s ongoing series of Flick Quarterback titles, which is now out on Android. As one might guess from the game’s name, players will use flicking motions to both cause the quarterback to throw the ball, as well as to help steer the ball either left or right during flight, in the hopes of hitting the receiver, while keeping an eye open for the incoming blitz.

Beyond pure passing, players will also be able to upgrade their home stadium, upgrade players, use fireworks, and throw trick shots. The game boasts realistic weather as well, that includes both rain and snow. Players can even compete with their friends and unlock other game modes.

Flick Quarterback 16 Features:

• Play as the Quarterback
• Multiple passing options
• Customize your player
• Compete with your friends
• Upgrade your stadium
• Challenging missions to play
• Amazing HD graphics
• Realistic weather , including rain and snow

Flick Quarterback 16 is available for free from Google Play with optional IAPs. You can also check out the game in action with its trailer below.

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