Day: 28 January 2016


Nvidia has eight Shield games on sale for a limited time

Nvidia, maker of a the Shield Android TV unit, Shield tablet, and the Shield Portable, also offer games that take direct advantage of their hardware, either linking to Google Play, or offering them through their own through streaming service called GeForce Now. With the latter, any purchase of premium priced games from there is also accompanied by a Steam code, for offline play. Through the end of this month, there’s a small group of games that NVidia has placed on sale.


[Update: Released] See if you can “beat the beat” in Dub Dash, finally arriving onto Android next month

Set to be released by Headup Games, and developed by Incodra, Dub Dash is a new rhythm game that’s coming soon to Android, which we originally reported on back in September 2015. It was originally slated for release in Q4 2015, but as you can tell, it is a bit late on hitting Google Play. Today, however, we have a more specific release time for Dub Dash.


Adventure Cube is another fun and creative arcade game from Ketchapp

Ketchapp releases games pretty much every week for Android/iOS. The amount of games they produce is staggering, considering how quickly they do it. Sure, most of them are quick and fun to play arcade games, but they seem to fit this niche perfectly. The latest release from Ketchapp and AppLava is called Adventure Cube, and much like Ketchapp’s other releases, it is fun, colorful, creative and challenging to play.


Do you like Pirates? Check out Sandstorm: Pirate Wars from Ubisoft, now available globally on Android

Ubisoft Entertainment is the creator/publisher of some really good games. They could be console games or mobile games. I came across Sandstorm: Pirate Wars several months ago. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it back then, and I am still not sure what to make of it now that it has been released. The game is visually impressive, the gameplay is interesting and the production quality is high. It even has a bit of a story. If you are looking for Pirates on the high seas, this is not that type of game. Everything takes place in the sun-scorching desert.


[UPDATE: Game Released] DroidGamers Interviews Artak Avakyan of Lightbound Studios about the soon to be released game Star Chasers

I came across a game not long ago that grabbed my attention. The game had interesting looking youthful characters, and bright colors dipped in varying hues. It looked like a runner of sorts, but there was something about it that seemed like it would be fun to play. I reached out to Lightbound Studios and made contact with Artak Avakyan, the founder of Lightbound Studios. I was impressed to find out that this game has been created solely by Mr. Avakyan. After interviewing him, I find Mr. Avakyan to be a brilliant and humble game designer, with big dreams for Lightbound Studios.


[UPDATE: Game Released] tinyBuild Games announces an official release date for Punch Club on Android

Back in the Summer of last year we reported on tinyBuild and their upcoming game Punch Club that would be heading to Android in the Fall of 2015. Obviously the game’s release is running a bit late but the good news is that the wait is finally coming to an end. Today tinyBuild has announced an official release date for Android and it will be arriving later this month.


See how well you can wrestle using your tail in Tail Wrestling, coming soon to Android

Released by Beavl, Tail Wrestling in an upcoming game for Android that is a bit of a mashup of different styles. Tail Wrestling is set to be the first game within what will be a series of titles in the #3Mermen universe. While the developers haven’t released much in terms of specifics such as a trailer, screen caps, et al, they have release a few details about what we can expect.