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A new Kickstarter campaign has begun for Fabulous Beasts, where physical building meets Android gaming

To be released by Sensible Object, Fabulous Beasts is a new cross-platform game that’s undergoing a Kickstarter campaign. The game is designed to be played both in physical life on your tabletop, in conjunction with a game on tablets and smartphones. The inspiration for this game came from Sensible Object’s founder Alex Fleetwood while he was out camping and stacking firewood.

This idea translated into a game where players take the plethora of aforementioned tabletop pieces, each shaped like an animal or other miscellaneous items, and stack them together to create a tower. As each animal piece is scanned on the base and subsequently placed, the correlating digital piece shows up within the game on your phone or tablet. The pieces use a few different types of sensors that include RFID for recognizing the different pieces, load sensors for their placement, and Bluetooth for their connection to the app.

Fabulous Beasts Features:

Social Play: The game inspires a fun, co­operative experience where the screen is a supporting element to the action on your table
Deep Challenge: The highest scores can only be achieved with careful strategy as you evolve and nurture your animals. You’ll need to balance the needs of building a strong tower with playing the most valuable pieces
Physical Beasts: Enjoy holding and playing with a set of beautifully designed and produced stackable artifacts
Digital Beasts: Delight in watching amazing beasts evolve and your tactical choices play out on the connected screen
Infinite Variety: Rich but simple rules and a combination of real­world tower building and on­screen strategising means Fabulous Beasts plays differently every time
Innovative: Our in­house designed technology uses a unique combination of sensors to recognise the pieces you play, and connects over Bluetooth to your device
Soundtrack: Features music by Fez and It Follows composer Disasterpeace
Plays Anywhere: Supports iOS and Android tablets and smartphones

The game is cooperative, and each of the available pieces have different point values assigned to them, allowing the construction of the tower to be assigned a point value. Thus each play can be an attempt at achieving a new high score. Each game lasts until the tower collapses. Fabulous Beasts can also be expanded in the future, by updating the app and adding new pieces to the pool of what’s available.

There is still 29 days left on the Kickstarter campaign as of this article’s writing, and in need of a lot more backing in order to reach their goal. You can check out the Kickstarter campaign for more information.

Kickstarter: Fabulous Beasts

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