Day: 29 January 2016


All Your Base Are Belong To Us: Star Wars Base Command Review

Thanks to titles such as SolForge, Order & Chaos: Duels, and Heartstone, collectible card games have emerged as an incredibly popular genre on mobile platforms. That EA wished to capitalize on the popularity of the genre and add to the proliferation of TCGs in the Play Store is no real surprise. However, that EA decided to put forth a TCG in the form of the Base Command mini-game included in the Star Wars Battlefront companion app, is quite the surprise.


Studio Baikin releases the stylized logic puzzle game ATOMI

Studio Baikin is an independent game studio based in Lyon, France. What we know about this studio is that they produce good games that have a visual aesthetic that captures you. They are the creators of Dark Guardians, Climax and Slashing Demons. Their latest game Atomi, is a logic-puzzle game that is just as enjoyable as their last puzzle game Climax, though they are a bit different from one another.


Square Enix releases a video showing the first gameplay of Final Fantasy IX on mobile

Earlier this month Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy IX would be heading to mobile devices this year. Since that announcement there hasn’t been too much in the way of details about what exactly would be arriving in the mobile version. It’s a safe bet, however, that all of the content should make it into this version, it was mentioned that the graphics would be getting an upgrade and the ATB system will remain intact.