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Studio Baikin releases the stylized logic puzzle game ATOMI

Studio Baikin is an independent game studio based in Lyon, France. What we know about this studio is that they produce good games that have a visual aesthetic that captures you. They are the creators of Dark Guardians, Climax and Slashing Demons. Their latest game Atomi, is a logic-puzzle game that is just as enjoyable as their last puzzle game Climax, though they are a bit different from one another.

Right out of the gate, I want you to know that this is a premium-priced game. It costs $1.99 to download, and in my opinion, it is worth every penny. You get 200 puzzles to solve, and there are no in-app purchases whatsoever. Okay, now that we have that established, let’s talk a bit about what makes this a good game.

The goal of the game is to help Atomi get from one side of the screen to the other. Apparently, his/her rocket ship crashed, and it is important to collect the special glowing orb that is on every board. These special orbs will help Atomi power the ship. Atomi is an appealing looking rectangle, not quite square shape that slightly glows. He/she is able to traverse the landscape to the glowing orb, if you build a proper path that makes travel safe. Each puzzle has different shapes that you can use to build a path to the other side of the screen. You may be given triangles, rectangles, squares and other shapes to help you do this. Atomi can slide down triangles and walk up them, but there is no jump button. You have to make sure that once your puzzle is complete, Atomi can walk unhindered to the other side. After you have assembled all the pieces, you tap the glowing orb, which initiates Atomi’s movement to the other side of the screen.

This is an excellent puzzle game and there is so much to like about it. We already stated what a lot of gamers will appreciate, no in-app purchases. The other elements that I appreciate in the game is that there are no timers, no three stars to grab or power-ups. It is a game that is easily accessible to young children, as well as adults. I can see the game being installed on a lot of tablets in elementary schools and beyond. The game helps build critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Keep in mind there are two hundred puzzles in the game, and you will definitely have to scratch your head to get through some of them. That is fine because you don’t feel pressured by a timer to solve the puzzles. If you can’t figure it out, put your device down for a minute or two and come back to it later. It’s just perfect.

As with all of the games that Studio Baikin has released thus far, there is a stylized art quality about them. If you have played Climax or Dark Guardians, you will be familiar with the art direction that they have taken. There are five different environments that Atomi will visit. Each of them could easily hang in an art museum for modern art. If you look closely as you are playing Atomi, you will notice that the main character is diaphanous or almost transparent. The tint that is used to render the main character is just light enough that he/she doesn’t obscure the background, but could almost become part of it. In addition to that, once the puzzle pieces are given to you at the bottom of the screen, a light grid appears, which is helpful when you are trying to figure out what pieces to use. The aesthetics in the game are minimal, but very well-produced.

The other element that rounds out the overall production of Atomi is the music. It is melodic and never rises above a whisper. It doesn’t take away from the game, but helps produce a calming effect that is needed, when trying to solve some of the more difficult puzzles. 

The final touch that makes this a game the whole family can enjoy, is that you can setup different profiles. You type in your name and set whether you want the puzzles to be easy or hard.  Each person can have their own journey and enjoy the game at their pace too. You can’t lock your profile, so if someone does get into your game, they can play where you left off.

Atomi is not integrated with Google Game Play Services, so there are no achievements to unlock or leaderboards to compete on. Though I appreciate using Google Game Play Services, this game seems to be perfect without it. You have plenty of puzzles to challenge your mind, it is presented in an elegant fashion, and you are under no pressure to complete the puzzles because of timers. Studio Baikin has released another title that is perfect for fans of puzzle games, or anyone that likes to give their brain a challenge. It is easy to recommend Atomi for downloading.


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