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The original Shield Tablets are getting their Android 6.0 Marshmallow update today

While the newer Nvidia Shield K1 Tablets already come with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the original Shield tablet has been waiting patiently to match its brother in OS version. Today marks the first day that Nvidia has begun pushing out an OTA update for the original Shield Tablets to get their Marshmallow goodness as well.

Today is actual a double update day, because the newer Shield K1 Tablet will be getting an OTA 1.1 update which will fix a few bugs and such. For the original Shield Tablet, this is OTA 4.0 update, bringing Marshmallow to it.

OTA 4.0 Update Features:

· New Nvidia Shield Camera: Includes a user interface inspired by Material Design and features new real-time HD image effects.
· Now on Tap: With a simple tap, you’ll be able to quickly find information related to what you are seeing on the screen, as well as inside an app.
· New Adaptable Storage: MicroSD cards can now be integrated with main internal storage, auto managed by system.
· User Interface Upgrades: Personalize Home and Lock screens with different wallpapers, launch Google Now voice commands from the lock screen and personalize Quick Settings menu, adding, removing or rearranging toggles.
· Power Consumption: Improvements to App Standby power and BT Low Energy scanning power efficiency.

The Shield K1 Tablet’s OTA 1.1 contains “new system enhancements and bug fixes, including optimized behavior of legacy apps that lead to instances of increased power consumption“.

Updates are available for Wi-Fi versions of the Shield Tablets globally, and the LTE version internationally such as in Japan, Europe, and so on. The LTE version for the US will be arriving in the near future.

Official Website: Nvidia Shield Updates

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