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Plants vs Zombies 2 starts up a 13-day Valenbrainz Event today

Plants vs Zombies 2 usually has special in-game events themed after most holidays and Valentine’s Day is no exception to the rule. Beginning today players will be able to partake in a new 13-day Valenbrainz Event which features new plants, levels, costumes, zombies, and more. Then, right after this event ends, the Modern Day Part 2 update will arrive for Plants vs Zombies 2 on February 16th.

The new plant coming in this event is called the Blooming Heart, a plant that catapults heart-shaped projectiles causing increasing damage with each hit. There’s also plenty of Valentine’s Day themed zombies to check out as well. All of these are available in 11 new levels to play through. There’s also a few new costumes to dress up in that are themed around Valentine’s Day. Rounding out everything in this event are higher coin rewards for completed levels.

Then on February 16th the second part of the Modern Day content update will arrive. This update will feature:

– New plants including the Premium Plant, Escape Root, an armed trap plant that can switch places with other plants; and when threatened, can substitute itself with an explosive plant like Potatomine or Cherry Bomb. Fans can also enjoy Grimrose, a plant that slinks into the shadows and appear underneath its target, and Dusk-lobber, a plant that shoots projectiles into multiple lanes.
– The return of All-Star Zombie, a zombie heavily armored thanks to his football gear who can rush down lanes at a fast pace, and Super-Fan Imp, an explosive zombie that can damage nearby plants.
– Collectible Costumes
– 16 new Modern Day Part Two-themed levels

For those of you with Plants vs Zombies 2 installed, you should be able to start accessing all of the Valenbrainz Day content now. If you don’t have this game installed and want to check it out, you can download it for free off of Google Play.

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