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Cumulus from Twisted Legacy Productions is a crazy new Tetris spin-off game

One game that has survived generations of advancement in technology and in the gaming industry as a whole is Tetris. The simple arcade puzzler of falling blocks is always fun to kill some time with. There have been plenty of Tetris spin-offs to arrive over the past years and Cumulus is a new one that’s now available on Android.

In Cumulus, players will be organizing blocks around a center piece in order to clear the rings surrounding the center. This is done by building up the blocks, without as many gaps as possible, until the ring is completely filled. Once it is, it will vanish and you move onto the next ring. This may sound easy enough until you realize that the falling blocks you have to use are coming from all four sides.

As with Tetris, in this game you keep going until you fail, which is done by breaching the very outer ‘wall’ with blocks. This can happen pretty quickly if you aren’t careful. There are a few blocks that stray from the standard Tetris formatted ones, like a 3-block corner piece for example.

If you’re a Tetris fan and like checking out the spin-off games, then you’ll want to check out Cumulus. You can pick this game up off of Google Play for free with optional IAPs being available as well. The developer does have some plans in the works for the next update which will include things like different skins (Gameboy, etc etc) and other features coming soon.

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