Day: 11 February 2016


C4M and En Masse Entertainment’s upcoming RTS game called Battleplans will finally get released soon onto Android

If you follow the gaming industry at all, then you probably know who En Masse Entertainment is. Originally publishing PC MMORPGs and other types of games for PC and consoles, they recently jumped into the mobile gaming scene as well, already having published a couple of games already. Well En Masse Entertainment has announced that they will be publishing C4M’s new real-time strategy game soon called Battleplans. We actually reported on this back in November 2015, but didn’t have much in the way of a release time frame.


Help the young zombie boy enjoy his favorite dumplings in Zombie Bounce, now available for download

Released by Triniti Stars Ltd, Bounce Zombie is a new arcade platformer. Players will assume the role of a young boy who feasted only on dumplings. This lasted until the village ran out, and the poor kid starved to death, rather than eat any other food. Once zombified, the undead youth now spends his time seeking out more dumplings, and won’t back down from any peril that would deter him from his goal.


Catch Lara Croft before she’s gone, as Lara Croft Go is having a flash sale

Released by Square Enix, Lara Croft GO is a Tomb Raider turned puzzler that’s normally sold for $4.99, but is currently experiencing a flash sale. For those not in the know, Lara Croft Go was created by the same team that created Hitman GO. Players will assume the role of Croft, and will attempt to navigate each level while avoiding the various pitfalls and hazards. Of course you will also be collecting what loot that can be found.


Chel-Z is a new metroidvania style platformer that’s available for Android devices

If you’re a fan of arcade platformers then you will be happy to read that there is a new metroidvania style platformer out on Android called Chel-Z. In this particular game players will be assuming control of a robot named Chel-Z, who happens to be a robot capable of functioning with a human brain placed inside. You were built by the one and only Dr. Boss, a twisted mad scientist.