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[Update: Games Added] Humble Bundle launches a second Kemco themed mobile bundle today

Back in October 2015 we reported on Humble Bundle releasing a new mobile bundle themed around Kemco games. Either it did really good or they just like Kemco games, because today is the beginning of another Kemco themed mobile bundle, with a total of six games to start.

Update: February 22nd, 2016 1:56pm PST: For those of you who have purchased the Humble Kemco Mobile Bundle and paid over the average amount, two more games have been added to it that you can now access. The new games are Fanatic Earth and Asdivine Hearts. However, neither of the two goal unlockable games have been unlocked as of yet.

This particular Humble Mobile Bundle features the 3 tier system, where you can pay any amount over $1 for access to a couple of games, or pay above the average amount to access almost all of the games, or pay $6 or more to unlock all of them. Of course you can still split up your payment however you want, whether it go all to charity, Humble Bundle, or a combination of both.

Pay over $1 and get:

– Alphadia
– Journey to Kreisia
– Revenant Saga

Pay above the average amount and also get:

– Alphadia 2
– Alphadia Genesis
– and more

Pay $6 or more and also get:

– Illusion of L’Phalcia

Additional games will also be added next week for anyone who pay above the average amount like usual. Also, Humble Bundle will add an additional game when $50K worth of bundles are sold, as well as $80K. You will need to pay above the average amount to access those two games as well. Those two games will be revealed when each goal is released.

We will post an update once any of those additional games are officially added to the bundle.

Official Website: Humble Mobile Kemco Bundle

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