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Circlify from WebAlive is a new hypnotic puzzle game for Android devices

Puzzle game lovers have a new title to check out called Circlify from WebAlive. These are the same developers who brought Swiperoo and 360 Degree to Android, so they have plenty of experience with making good puzzle games, since those two have done rather well for themselves.

In this game players are tasked with trying to survive as long as possible inside a moving circular maze. You will in control of the ‘searchlight’ in the center of the maze, which is continually growing and spiraling around you. When an opening within one of the colored circles closest to you is passed over by your light, you’ll need to tap on it in order to move through to the next circle. If you don’t do it in time, you’ll end up being swallowed up by the circles and it’s game over.

Circlify Features:

– Clean, colourful environment and smooth interface
– Intense, hypnotic and somehow relaxing all at once
– Appropriate for all ages
– Gets you hooked within 2-3 plays
– Unique and original, no other game like it

The real challenge with this game is the endurance, trying to last for long periods of time while trying to concentrate on the openings you need to move through. The colors of each circle almost act like a distraction.

For those of you looking to snap up a copy if this game, Circlify is available off of Google Play for free and is supported by ads. You can remove those ads through a single IAP for $1.09.

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