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Jagex announces another Runescape game heading to mobile this year called RuneScape: Idle Adventures

Jagex already has a couple of RuneScape games in the works right now, with one being a mobile version of their original MMORPG, and the other currently in closed beta testing called Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. Now there is another title Jagex is working on called RuneScape: Idle Adventures.

This particular RuneScape game is actually a collaboration effort between Jagex and Hyper Hippo, the developers behind the rather popular adVenture Capitalist game. As you may be guessing from the title of this game, RuneScape: Idle Adventures will fall somewhere into the idle game genre. This will be an RPG that sticks to the basic mechanics, with a focus on leveling and looting.

Players to start up the game, make whatever decisions they need to make at that point regarding their character(s), and then proceed to let that character head out and do what needs to be done in real time. This can be anything from training, leveling up, and questing. The genre is called Idle because once you’ve set everything up in-game, you can then leave the game to do whatever else you feel like doing, letting the game take care of itself in the process. Sort of like those infomercials for cooking items used to say: “Set it and forget it”.

Essentially, this is a more relaxed style of gameplay but Jagex is saying that there will be a lot of content and deep character customization available. It’ll also have a “light-hearted, comedic story, with nuggets of RuneScape lore unveiled” for fan of the franchise to enjoy. This game will also feature cross-platform support, so you can log into it on your mobile device to check into the game while on the go, and then on your PC while at home.

The PC version of RuneScape: Idle Adventures will be arriving this Spring, while the mobile versions will be launching later this year. Price-wise, this will be free with some optional IAPs being available. There will most likely be a closed beta at some point and when that happens, we will post an update.

Official Website: RuneScape

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