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Nexon globally launches their newest RPG called Medal Masters onto Android

Back in December of last year Nexon soft launched one of their upcoming games called Medal Masters onto Google Play. Well now the company has globally launched their new RPG onto mobile devices. Since they used for pre-registration, you should be able to claim your in-game reward now too.

For those of you who missed our previous article regarding Medal Masters, this game is one of those titles we like to call collectible RPGs. It is a real-time, party-based RPG which means you will be recruiting different heroes (there are over 248 heroes in this game) and leveling them up while completing quests with your current party of heroes. As for the storyline, players will be setting out into the game’s world to rescue a large amount of heroes who have been cursed for some reason. Upon finding, and defeating, a cursed hero, they will return to normal and you will have the option of having them join your roster of characters.

Each hero will have their own unique set of abilities which means that your strategies will need to be adjusted at each fight, depending on the heroes you have in your party at that time. There is also the Blitz System. This is based on launching your skills at the right time, and in doing so makes them more powerful during that attack. Lastly, there is a training system players can use to level up their heroes even when not playing the game.

If you have been waiting for this game to get released, you can now pick up Medal Masters off of Google Play for free. It does come with optional IAPs. You can check out the game’s trailer below.

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