Day: 25 February 2016


MU: Origin second closed beta testing phase begins next month. Sign-ups are now live.

Today Webzen has announced that the second closed beta testing phase for the Western version of MU: Origin will be starting early next month. If you were lucky enough to get into the first closed beta phase last month, you will already have a good idea on what to expect with this new beta phase. Of course there will be some changes that will be new to first round testers as well.


Fans of the Patchwork board game can now play it digitally in Patchwork The Game, now available for download

Released by Digidiced, Patchwork The Game is the port of the eponymous board game. In Patchwork, players are looking to build the best (prettiest?) looking patchwork, on a 9 x 9 grid. The board game is designed for two players, competing head-to-head, with each purchasing tiles with buttons (the board game’s currency) and “time” (an in-game mechanic that measures out how long it’ll take to finish the stitching for that piece).