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Google Play now has a new section showcasing indie Android games

Google likes to add different sections to showcase different types of games and applications on Google Play. This has been anything and everything from free-to-play games, to applications that are tools for a specific purpose, to genre specific categories. Some of these categories stay, while others end up disappearing after a short amount of time.

The company’s newest addition to these categories happens to be one that focuses on indie Android games called the Indie Corner. Currently there is a total of 15 indie Android games being showcased in this new category, all of which are free as well. We are not sure if this means the only games that will be featured in this section are going to be free. However, the list of games in there is actually pretty good, with titles such as Soda Dungeon, Alto’s Adventure, 8-bit Waterslide, Merchant and more.

So, if you’re looking to check out indie games on Android, this new section might be one to keep an eye on, as will we. It’ll be nice to see some seriously indie games in there that are good, and not all of them being free. Judging from the URL, this looks like it will be a temporary one.

Google Play: Indie Corner

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