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Rusty Hearts Heroes disappears from the Google Play store for a second time

Rusty Hearts Heroes initially popped up on the Google Play store not too long ago, but was quickly taken down for whatever reason, more than likely bug fixing. Then it ‘officially’ launched back in January of this year. Now the game has once again been taken down and it looks like it may be a permanent one this time.

When the game launched for the second time, it was running smoothly. Sure technically the game lacked a little of what Rusty Hearts fans were hoping to see in terms of gameplay, as the entire mobile game was more automated than most. Your character would attack automatically and all that players had to deal with was moving and using special abilities when doing your dungeon crawling.

Shortly after the game’s second launch, there were some server issues that would pop up from time to time, mainly with lag and login issues. Whether this second launch was more to gauge interest and player retention or not, we don’t know right now. What we do know is that it wasn’t really up long enough to get a good measurement of either of those two points.

Whatever the case may be, Rusty Hearts Heroes has been removed from Google Play and the reason why it looks permanently is because the publishers have refunded everyone’s money that was spent on IAPs. That move isn’t usually done on a temporary removal. We’ve contacted the developers/publishers to find out what is going on with Rusty Hearts Heroes and we will post an update when we hear back.

Thanks to MewMew for the heads up!

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