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Fallout Shelter gets more content in newest update, now includes crafting and pets

Fallout Shelter, Bethesda’s take on the Tiny Towers style of game, has received a fairly significant update. For the uninitiated, players will be creating and managing their own fallout shelter, with all the characters being rendered in the style of Vault Boy.

Fallout Shelter includes similar character stats, threats such as Rad Roaches or bandits, and other elements such as Mr Handy. More can be found on the game here. Fallout Shleter has received a few free updates already, adding features such as more variety in character dialog and evicting unwanted residents. Today’s update now gives players additional options to help in keeping their shelter running.

Barbershops, Crafting, and Pets oh my!

First, and probably one of the bigger additions, is that players can now craft items to help shore up where the shelter might he short. This can turn unwanted junk into useful items, but actually expands past that. In order to craft anything, players will need to build new Weapon and Armor Crafting Rooms, which you can then use to craft gear you need to survive longer.

Second, new pets are now available. While there are new cats and dogs to keep your dwellers happy, bird lovers now have something to enjoy with the debut of Parrots. Along with the new pets comes new Pet Bonuses to take advantage of.

Dusk in Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter Full v1.4 Changelog:

– Turn worthless junk into useful items! Introducing… crafting!
– New Rooms! Build the new Weapon and Armor crafting rooms and use them to create your own items in game!
– Lunchboxes now contain a bonus 5th card: Junk! Trust us – it’s more useful than it sounds. Lucky wasteland explorers may also find junk on their adventures.
– Take the Overseer role to the next level. Build the new Barbershop and customize the look of any Dweller.
– Keep up with the latest fashions! Find new Outfits and Weapons straight from Fallout 4 in lunchboxes, or craft them yourself!
– Because four-legged companions bring overwhelming happiness, we’ve added new Dogs and Cats, and are introducing… Parrots! Plus, new Pet bonuses!
– Time of day is now properly reflected. Because authentic Vault simulation is our #1 goal!

This update also brings quite a few other fun little tweaks and additions to the game, such as Time of Day now being properly reflected in-game and more fashions for your Dwellers. You can even customize their looks now with building a Barbershop.

This update is now available for download for free off of Google Play.

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