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Upcoming game Sim Betting Football heads over to Kickstarter for additional funding

Vindicta Games has announced the start of their new Kickstarter campaign which will be for gaining additional funding for their upcoming mobile game called Sim Betting Football. Apparently part of the reason the developers chose to use Kickstarter was that it was a bit of a pun/play on words… you know football and KICKstarter.

Bad puns aside, this game is all about bringing back the old school Football (Soccer) sim games but adding a new twist to it. At its surface, Sim Betting Football looks like a standard Football management sim game, and actually has a lot of the same features that you would find in one of those games. There’s ten leagues with hundreds of clubs and thousands of players, and each of them has their own attributes and statistics.

So essentially there is a full virtual Football universe in this game that is procedurally generated each time you start a new game. Your statistics and data in your current game help to form what you will be needing to do and the teams you will be facing later on it in. However, instead of running a Football team like you think you would be in this game, you’re actually playing as someone who bets on matches. You will follow games, league news, player statistics, and other data from matches and other events, and use that to help place your bets (using virtual currency of course). The end goal being to make as much money as possible.

Sim Betting Football is in the later stages of development, and the game is almost completed but does have some features missing, which is the main goal for this campaign. The goal for this Kickstarter is £5,000, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for the developers to reach that amount. Once we know more about when Sim Betting Football will be launching on Android, we will post an update.

Kickstarter: Sim Betting Football

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