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Twitch updates their Android app with the ability to subscribe to streamers

Twitch is a great platform to watch broadcasters playing games, regardless of the platform they are playing it on, and having gamers watching them do that or the latest eSports event. However, one major feature that has always been missing from the mobile application has been the ability to properly support your favorite streamer with a subscription.

Today Twitch has announced that an update to their application is rolling out which will let users finally be able to subscribe to their favorite streamers from within the app itself. Before now, the only way to do this would be to either go to the stream in a browser (be it PC or on mobile) and subscribe that way. It was either that way or the streamer would have a dedicated link they could post in chat and in their description to allow for subscriptions on mobile.

Now users can just subscribe to a streamer right from the application. Along with the ability to subscribe, users can also resubcribe and announce it in the chat on mobile. You’ll also have an interface that lets you properly manage all of your current subscriptions inside the application. This can be done from the Subscriptions link in the app’s menu.

The update is now live on Google Play and can be grabbed at any time. Now all we need is the ability to stream right from the Twitch application.

Google Play: Twitch

Source: Twitch Blog

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