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New indie reflex game Catch It On Time is now looking for beta testers

PlayPlayFun has decided to open up the call for beta testers for their upcoming time-based reflex arcade game Catch It On Time. This particular game blends a few different genres into one title, from an arcade game, puzzler, and time-based reflex gameplay, all into one title about catching food.

In this game players will be helping a race of creatures called the Quareons to catch their meals. These meals will ‘fall’ from one of the sides of your screen, following a set path, and it will be up to you to tap on your Quareon at the exact moment the meal passes over them. Doing so results in them getting fed, and you gaining points. Missing the perfect timing, however, results in less to no points.

Catch It On Time Features:

– Innovative timing based arcade puzzle game
– 90+ levels over 10 different puzzle variations
– 9 cute characters to collect, each with different abilities
– Includes an Infinite mode
– Global and friend’s leaderboard

What makes this game even more challenging is the fact that the Quareons are not stationary. These creatures move unpredictably, and can even teleport in the later stages. This means you’ll need to have quick reflexes in order to not miss one of them getting fed. There are 9 characters to collect and an Infinite Mode for those of you looking for more of a survival challenge.

Right now PlayPlayFun is looking for folks to beta test their new game. To qualify, you just need to sign up for the beta test and get approved, which can be done over on the developer’s website. The game is set to be released sometime in March/April and will be free with optional IAPs.

Developer Website: Catch It On Time (Beta sign-up)

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