Day: March 10, 2016

Game News

Mech-filled RTS title Robocide gets an Android version released onto Google Play

Very recently an space themed RTS game was released onto iOS that has gotten a lot of coverage, and a lot of players, in the short time it has been out. However, the developers behind the game never mentioned anything about an Android version ever existing, let along getting released so soon. Well, here we are today reporting on the global release of Robocide onto Google Play.

Game News

New Plants vs Zombies coming this year, called Plants Vs Zombies Heroes, Lawn of a New Battle

Plants vs Zombies, the popular strategy franchise, has just dropped a teaser trailer for their upcoming game, Plants vs Zombies Heroes The Lawn of a New Battle. According to the trailer, players will be choosing which side of the battle they will participate on, which is to say either the “world’s most powerful plants”, or players can throw their lot in with “Earth’s mightiest heroes”, which one assumes will be the zombies.

Game News

[Update: Released] Albion Online’s next update will be introducing new death mechanics, repairing on the go, and more

The ever eternal beta running cross-platform MMORPG called Albion Online is gearing up for its next major update which will be arriving this month. This update will be introducing new mechanics and features, some of which are going to make player’s lives a hell of a lot better. I’m talking mainly about the ability to repair gear while on the go.