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See if you can outlast your opponents in the board game Tsuro, now available from Google Play

Tsuro is a simple board game about walking a path, and remaining on it longer than the other players. Thanks to Thunderbox Entertainment, Tsuro now has a virtual port of the board game that is now available on Android. In this game, players will be placing tiles down on to the board to create or extend a path that must be pursued.

Each tile has lines on it, that extend the aforementioned path, and thus the player’s token must follow that path as tokens are placed on it. If your token is following a path that leads off of the board, or comes into contact with another token, then you are eliminated. The game is over when one token remains, with that player being the winner.

Tsuro Features:

– Exclusive New Modes: Classic Tsuro, plus 3 new ways to play, exclusive to the digital version: Solo, Loop Battle and Longest Path.
– Fun For Everyone: Tsuro is easy enough for anyone to pick up… but it requires cunning and strategy to become a master.
– Play With Friends: Tsuro supports up to 8 players, around one device or online. Play against your Facebook friends, or go solo to see who can build the longest path.
– Crafty AI Opponents: Choose from 3 AI personalities to challenge your strategic skill.
– Master The Dragons: Over 50 achievements put your path-building skills to the ultimate test.
– Intuitive Touch Controls: Intuitive controls deliver a board game experience so real you could almost touch it.
– Beautiful Artwork: The intricate artwork of the original board game is brought to life with fluid animation and sparkling pyrotechnics. Every component has been recreated in meticulous detail, including the box!

Tsuro is available from Google Play for a flat $4.99, though the page indicates that it’s launch sale is still happening, and the price will go up another dollar once that is completed. You can check out the game’s trailer with the video below.

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