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Square Enix begins celebrating Final Fantasy: Record Keeper turning 1yr old with events and giveaways

Square Enix has begun celebrating the first birthday of their Final Fantasy: Record Keeper title on mobile with an update to the game. This update brings with it a new rare item players can try to earn, as well as a few other rare items being up for giving away for free.

The newly added item is called the Relic of Light and can be earn within the new challenge event that has gone live starting today. This event will only run until March 18th, so you do only have a limited amount of time to get a Relic of Light into your inventory. Also up for grabs in this new event are rare accessories such as Pearl Rouge (FF IX), Soft Bracer (FF X), and Crystal Ring (FF I) that can be earned as First Time rewards in each dungeon.

Also during the celebratory event, players will be able to recruit the Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy I, and find his Memory Crystals which can be then used to raise his level cap. The first Memory Crystal can be won starting today inside dungeons, while Memory Crystal II can be won inside dungeons starting tomorrow.

On top of this, two month long giveaways for real world items are also starting today and running until April 5th. Each one has their own set of prizes:

– One lucky player who completes the Sastasha Seagrot Classic (XIV) dungeon will win a prize pack containing 10 amazing FINAL FANTASY items, including a Cloud Figure signed by Tetsuya Nomura, a T-Shirt signed by Producer/Director of FINAL FANTASY XIV Naoki Yoshida, and many other goodies.
– Five other lucky winners who complete the Mako Reactor No. 1 Classic (VII) dungeon will win Cloud and Sephiroth plush figures.

If you want to try your hand at winning either of these giveaways, you just have to head over to the official giveaway page and enter each one. Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is available off of Google Play for free for those of you who don’t have this game installed but want to check it out.

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