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The Dark Fist update for Punch Club is now available with fight betting, new features and more

Back in February we reported that Punch Club would be getting a rather large free DLC in order to celebrate the game breaking $2 million in sales mark. Well tinyBuild has pushed out the new update, called The Dark Fist, for all version of the game including the Android one. To celebrate the update’s release, Punch Club is also on sale for a limited time.

In case you missed our previous article about this update, The Dark Fist adds quite a few new features to Punch Club, one of which in particular is really neat. First, there is a whole new storyline that is now available to play through. This storyline surrounds a briefcase you happen upon that is actually able to pinpoint crimes happening in your city. As you are probably guessing, this means you can go out and start fighting crime like a superhero. In total, it is about an additional 3 hours of content.

However, the really neat feature arriving with this expansion is one that deals specifically with Twitch streaming. If you happen to be a streamer on Twitch, like us, Punch Club now comes with full Twitch integration in order to allow viewers and other players to bet on fights that are being streamed. Points gained from winning bets will be transferable into tangible rewards for your Twitch viewers (if you’re a streamer).

Needless to say, we will be all over this, setting up our own dedicated Punch Club fights on Twitch. More details on that in the near future but this is a heads up to get your fighters and bets ready for when the DroidGamers League launches. If you own a copy of Punch Club, you can download The Dark Fist off of Google Play for free. If you want to grab a copy of this game, now is a good time to do so as it is on sale for a limited time for $2.99, which is basically 40% off.

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