Day: 22 March 2016


Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5: Order Up will be arriving March 29th. Three post-season episodes also revealed.

Today Telltale Games revealed what their announcement they were teasing yesterday and both are actually regarding their Minecraft: Story Mode series. First, the company announced that Episode 5: Order Up will be arriving for all platforms on March 29th, 2016. The second announcement, which they didn’t reveal any details about until today, is that Episode 5: Order Up isn’t actually the final episode in the series anymore.


Bankai and Chill – Bleach: Brave Souls Review

“Free-To-Play” are arguably the three most dreaded words in mobile gaming, but KLab Games nearly redeems the much loathed business model with their stellar ARPG, Bleach: Brave Souls. While many F2P games leverage lethargic rates of progress known as “pay walls”, KLab took a gamble on shipping a title that has so much content not hidden behind a pay-wall, that Brave Souls is easily comparable to a full priced game on a dedicated gaming platform such as the Playstation Vita or Nintendo 3DS. Brave Souls strikes a perfect balance between accessible content and in-app-purchases that affords players an opportunity to enjoy the full game without being forced to pay money to proceed further.