Day: 24 March 2016


[Update: Winner Selected] Enter for a chance to win an Nvidia Shield Android TV, Shield Remote, Stand, and a copy of Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings

It’s time for another giveaway and for this one it is a straight up Nvidia Shield package with a few extra goodies and a copy of the newly released Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings game. This way, you will not only have a brand new Nvidia Shield Android TV unit, but you will also have a Shield Remote, the metal stand for your new Shield unit, and a fresh new game to crack it all open with.


Rocket Lolly’s upcoming The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me gets an early gameplay video and is heading to Kickstarter

Back in February 2016 we reported on The Rocky Horror Show getting some mobile gaming love with a new title getting developed by Rocket Lolly Games called The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me. Unfortunately, at that time there was almost no details about the game itself, aside from the fact it is being made. Today, however, we have a little more detail about the game as well as an early look at the gameplay itself.


Niantic Lab’s upcoming Pokemon GO game gets first details and official screenshots released today

Whether this is a result of the video that was posted on YouTube recently showing some of the gameplay coming in Pokemon GO, which was taken from Niantic Lab’s talk during SXSW 2016, or because of the company cancelling their GDC 2016 talk and gameplay reveal, we don’t know. It could also be due to the questions that have arisen since that video’s release about the depth of the gameplay, or possible lack thereof. However, the timing on releasing the first details regarding Pokemon GO’s gameplay and its first screenshots is pretty impeccable.


[Update: Game Released] Korean RPG Buddy Rush has a sequel rolling out at the end of the month

Released by Sollmo, Buddy Rush 2 is the sequel to the original Buddy Rush, and is being rolled out onto Android. Like the first one, the game’s visuals are focused on being “cute’, so the characters are all rendered with large heads on smallish bodies, in an almost doll-like fashion. All the characters, controlled by players or NPC, good or bad, are known as “buddies”.