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Nvidia puts up 5 Nvidia Shield games on sale for a limited time

Nvidia has decided to a bit of a mini-sale for the remainder of this month on a selection of Shield games. From March 24 through March 28, there are five different titles getting discounted for Nvidia Shield devices, including Shield Android TV, at up to 66% off their regular full price.

Depending on which game(s) you want to grab a copy of, you will either be getting your game of choice streamed to your device, along with a PC code to download a copy as well, or you will just be able to snatch your game off of Google Play.

GeForce NOW Games on Sale on Nvidia Shield (All Games Also Come with a PC Code to Download the Game)

SOMA on sale for 33% Off (Details Here)
Frictional Games’ critically acclaimed survival-horror game SOMA is exactly what you need in your game library next time you have a dark, rainy March evening for yourself. SOMA takes place in an underwater research facility that became a stronghold for the remnants of humanity after an extinction event. But humans aren’t the only tenants in the facility. SOMA’s grim, oppressive setting offers the kind of caged-in atmosphere that leads you to think about humanity’s darker desires.

LEGO Jurassic World on sale for 66% Off (Details Here)
LEGO Jurassic World is packed with vicious predators that have broken out of their containment units to rampage across events and iconic locales from all four of the Jurassic Park movies. Don’t worry, though: LEGO dinosaur teeth can’t break skin, though their component parts probably hurt if you step on them. LEGO Jurassic Park’s highly appealing setting (dinosaurs galore!), co-op play, and kid-friendly jokes make it an ideal game for the whole family to enjoy.

Android Games on Sale on Nvidia Shield

Frozen Synapse Prime on sale for 66% off (Download Here)
Frozen Synapse Prime is a turn-based strategy game centered on rebellion and corrupt corporations. You can challenge friends to best your tactics, environmental mastery, and armies of gunners, or you can settle into the game’s huge single-player campaign. Either way, Frozen Synapse Prime is worth funneling hours into and is an experience you shouldn’t miss on SHIELD.

Rochard on sale for 50% off (Download Here)
Rochard is thick with challenging platforming action, not to mention tons of gravity-based puzzles. You play as the titular astro-miner Rochard who has to defeat the bad guys and deal with aliens in a game that’s packed with great action and humor—not to mention tons of excellent music. Get Rochard on SHIELD this month for half-off its normal price.

Beatbuddy on sale for 50% off (Download Here)
Beatbuddy fuses music with action to deliver a unique gaming experience that’s not easily found anywhere else. The hand-painted backgrounds and energetic soundtrack melds into a game that appeals to fans of action, music, and any fusion of the two.  

All five games on sale this month are available for all three generations of NVIDIA SHIELD. If you’re planning on scooping up any of these great deals, don’t wait long as the sale only goes until Monday, March 28.

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