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Snail Games announces closed beta sign-up are live for Taichi Panda Heroes

Snail Games have revealed a new game that will take place within the Taichi Panda universe called Taichi Panda Heroes, and that closed beta sign-ups are now available for interested gamers to try getting into. Unlike most games that add ‘Heroes’ to their name and end up being a MOBA, Taichi Panda Heroes is not a MOBA, but a sequel to the original game.

Taichi Panda Heroes is basically an official sequel to Taichi Panda, but will actually bring the franchise into a more MMORPG realm with a lot of the new mechanics that will be arriving with it. One thing that the original game didn’t have was an open world. That will be changing with this new game. So players won’t be locked down to being in-town when not in a dungeon.

Another change with this game is that players won’t just have one character, but will have a team of heroes. When Taichi Panda Heroes launches, there will be 19 heroes available to start, with more being added in the future through updates. When you want to use a different hero than your current one, you can just swap it out. It looks like you’ll only be controlling one at a time though while in combat. We are saying ‘looks like’ because there isn’t a ton of details just yet on how all of these new features will work, only that they will be coming with the game.

There will also be PvP and raid dungeons coming with Taichi Panda Heroes, but what exactly all of that will entail hasn’t been announced yet. The closed beta sign-ups are live and available over on the Taichi Panda Heroes micro-site. We’ll post an update once we learn more details, or go hands-on with this sequel.

Official Website: Taichi Panda Heroes

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