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Fend off waves of zombies in Tap Zombie: Heroes of War, now available from Google Play

Released by Triniti Stars, Tap Zombies: Heroes of War is a tapping sim that’s just been released on to Android. Players will assume control of an army that is tasked with stopping the zombie invasion. Players will have access to ten or more of the following: heroes, tanks, helicopters, jeeps and other vehicles.

You will also have more than 50 skills and power-ups, and more than 250 waves of zombies to destroy using all of those things mentioned. Players will need to craft and upgrade their own weapons on top of all of that. This game also contains a variety of achievements for the achievement collectors out there. The layout is fairly straightforward, where the player’s character is located at the bottom of the scene, and an oversized zombie approaches. Tapping on the screen causes the character to fire upon the zombie, which gets replaced as they are “killed”. The faster the player taps, the faster the character fires off the equipped weapon.

Tap Zombies: Heroes of War Features:

– 10+ of Heroes!
– 10+ of Tanks, Helicopters, Jeep and more!
– 50+ of Skills and Power-ups!
– 250+ of Zombies waves!
– Achievements to unlock the special skills & weapons!

The zombies, and the overall game visuals, are all stylized in a theme that’s reminiscent of Minecraft. Tap Zombies: Heroes of War is available for free from Google Play, asks also contains optional IAPs. You can check out the game’s trailer below.

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