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Capcom is opening up a new studio focused on mobile games and their existing IPs

Capcom has revealed that they are planning to open up a new studio that will focus on making mobile games, mostly from the company’s existing catalog of franchises. This would be the second such studio from Capcom for mobile gaming related content. However, Capcom has been notorious for releasing games, both new and using existing IPs, in just a few Eastern regions like China and Japan. The West and Europe have, unfortunately, gone without regarding a lot of their releases.

This new studio will hopefully be changing that issue, with franchises like Mega Man and Monster Hunter already being announced as getting their own mobile games, but having them released globally. The new studio is appropriately named Capcom Mobile, which is actually Capcom renaming their first mobile focused studio Beeline Interactive to Capcom Mobile.

Of course the timing on this announcement is impeccable, since Sony just announced their move in opening up a new studio dedicated to mobile titles as well, called ForwardWorks. Sony’s studio, however, will be mainly porting over existing Playstation titles to mobile. Capcom Mobile, on the other hand, will apparently be making new games, just using existing IPs.

Interestingly enough, Capcom is going the way of Nintendo with their announcement, stating that they will have four games on mobile before March 31, 2017. We will post an update once we hear anything more about what games they will be releasing.

Website Referenced: GematsuCapcom

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