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DotEmu reveals that Titan Quest will be arriving for mobile devices soon

DotEmu’s next project is bringing a game to mobile devices in the near future called Titan Quest. For those of you not familiar with this game, Titan Quest is an ARPG (Action-RPG) title which was originally released for PC back in the Summer of 2006. So it isn’t the oldest game DotEmu has brought over to mobile.

In Titan Quest, players will be jumping into a mythological world where you will take control of our hero, who heads out into said world to rid it of monsters that have suddenly appeared. You are not stuck in one location however, as you will be traveling to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Silk Road/Asia. Back when this game was originally released, it had a lot of advanced mechanics implemented like ragdoll physics and full lighting effects.

Original Titan Quest screenshot

The original game also came with a world editor, which players could use in creating custom worlds, mods, and quests. It also came with a Diablo-style multiplayer mode, where 3-6 people could jump into the same world and quest/explore together. These are the two features we are awaiting confirmation on being included with this new mobile version of the game.

Unlike a lot of previous DotEmu released, Titan Quest will have a couple of developer diaries available to watch in order to learn about the game and see some of the gameplay in action. Titan Quest is slated for release on May 19th, 2016 for iOS, with the Android version following shortly afterwards. No word on pricing as of yet. We will post an update once we get confirmation on those two features as well as when the second developer diary video is released. You can check out the first developer diary below.

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