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Comedian and actor Andy Samberg has released a series of videos for Monster Strike

Another trend that seems to be going strong still these days happens to be the one where game developers are hiring big named actors and actresses to star in commercials for their mobile game. Mobile Strike is currently pimping out Arnold Swartzeneggar in a number of video-based ads, and other games have had their share as well, such as Clash of Clans and Game of War, just to name a couple. Monster Strike is the newest member of this list, bringing on Andy Samberg who just completed and released a series of eight videos for that game.

If you’re not familiar with who Andy Samberg is, he has done a lot of different things, from being a regular on Saturday Night Live to starring in a number of big budget comedy movies. He’s actually quite funny. Usually the commercial these big named actors show up in are just that, commercials. However, Andy Samberg has done a series of 8 videos regarding Monster Strike, each with their own little story within them.

The entire series starts off with Andy Samberg showing up in a locker room as a coach trying to inspire his ragtag team of monsters with a motivational locker room pep talk. From there each video goes into something different. They start off the same, but halfway through it break off into a different subject. Regardless, they are all still commercials but at least they aren’t as dry as most of the other ones end up being, even with a big named actor in them.

You can check out all the videos over on the Monster Strike website.

Official Website: Monster Strike Videos

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