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Keep pipes clear and water flowing in Drain Pipe Contract, now available for Android

Released by Titli Studio, Drain Pipe Contract is a new take on the classic puzzler Pipe Dream. In Drain Pipe Contract, players are looking to manage the plumbing for five different islands, all named after the boroughs of New York City. These islands contain 55 different puzzles, where in each of them players will begin with a board that contains an apparently random assortment of pipes.

Players will look to rotate each piece to create a single, contiguous pipe that connects points of ingress with points of egress and the number of each can change for each puzzle. So one level might contain three different places, from which water can flow (colored in red), while containing only a single “drain” (colored in green). Once players are confident that the drainage system has been fixed, the flow can begin and the results can be seen. If there aren’t any leaks or spills, the next puzzle is begun.

Drain Pipe Contract Features:

– Play 5 Islands and 55 Challenging plumber puzzle levels
– Complete island and earn 4 different type of island badges
– 6 types of difficulties never played before.
– Free Play and Time Trial modes
– Clean, colorful graphics
– Test your mind against the puzzles.
– Stuck on a level? Use hint to solve the puzzles!

The game does include a hint system, to help players along when they get stumped, which judging from the level design will probably happen at least once. Drain Pipe Contract is available for free from Google Play or Amazon’s Appstore, and will also include optional IAPs. You can check out the game in action with its trailer below.

Amazon Marketplace: Drain Pipe Contract

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