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Ragnarok Mobile has a new trailer released. Arriving later this Summer.

The Ragnarok franchise as a whole has been around for quite some time, mainly as an online MMORPG. However, over the past couple of years the franchise has branched out into the world of mobile gaming as well. This includes the release of games like Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie and others.

There’s a new title in the works that is being developed by China-based studio, Xindong which is simply being called Ragnarok Mobile (remaining an MMORPG of course). This game was initially announced back in August 2015 and at that time there wasn’t much in the way of confirmed details regarding Ragnarok Mobile. Since then there has been a lot of work done to the game and the company behind it has released a new trailer showcasing some of what will be arriving with the game’s release.

A lot of the classic Ragnarok Online content will remain intact, including the costumes, Guild PvP, character classes and so on. However, unlike previous Ragnarok titles, this one will feature an upgraded combat system, with fights will happen in real-time. It also appears that there will be a Blacksmith class possibly making its appearance in Ragnarok Mobile.

This is all good news of course for fans of the Ragnarok franchise. But with most good news comes a bit of bad news as well. As it stands right now, Ragnarok Mobile will be getting released in China this Summer, with no official details of a Western release having been mentioned as of yet. We will post an update once we get confirmation on whether or not the West will see this release.

Website Referenced: MMOCulture

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