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Pokemon Camp arrives onto Android with all kinds of Pokemon-themed activities available to try your hand at

The Pokemon International Company has released a new game in the Pokemon franchise called Pokemon Camp. This particular game is all about wandering the island and trying your hands at different activities found on said island, all which involve Pokemon. While the Pokemon franchise is for kids, this game is a little more kid focused than most of the other Pokemon titles.

Pokemon Camp will have players exploring a giant island filled with various Pokemon and different activities all geared around helping players learn the different Pokemon creatures, their abilities, and essentially to become a good Pokemon trainer. Along the way there will be camp counselors who will be your guides, full of helpful information, while you’re at Pokémon Camp.

Pokemon Camp Features:

– The Pokémon Theater features exciting promo videos that are fun for Pokémon fans of all ages. Videos will be added to the Pokémon Theater regularly
– The new Pokémon TCG Match activity is a fun way to discover and test your knowledge of Pokémon TCG cards.
– Play fun activities that teach the basics of Pokémon, such as Poké Ball Throw or the Battle Matchups quiz
– Earn pins to track your progress through Pokémon Camp
– Check out the pins you’ve collected in your Pin Book
– Collect stickers and use them to decorate photos you take with the camera on your Android smartphone or tablet

If you’re a fan of the Pokemon franchise, you’ll probably want to check this game out. Pokemon Camp is available off of Google Play for free and does not come with an IAPs.

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