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This week’s Google Play Indie Corner features some great games like Downwell, Chameleon Run and more

Google launched the Indie Corner on Google Play back in February of this year, and each week or so it features some of the newer and best indie games that are available on Google Play. This week’s list is actually quite a good one, with 15 pretty great indie titles being showcased.

Discoverability is also an issue for mobile game developers, whether it be Google Play, iTunes, or whatever platform they happen to be developing for. This is especially true for indie developers and there’s a ton of great games out there getting released each week from them. While we try to cover them all, it’s an almost impossible job, so it is a good thing there’s the Indie Corner now to help out with that task.

Here’s this week’s list of games featured in the Indie Corner. Since we’ve written about a lot of these titles already, you can check out our coverage for each one as well.

Downwell by DevlolverDigital ( Article Here )
Chameleon Run by Noodlecake Studios ( Article Here )
Super Arc Light by Channel 4 Television CO
Brave Guardians by Chundos Studio
Hammer Bomb by Crescent Moon Games ( Article Here )
Barrier X by Pinkapp ( Article Here )
Twofold Inc by Grapefrukt Games ( Article Here )
AfterLoop by eXiin ( Article Here )
Beat Jumper by Underwater Apps ( Article Here )
HoPiKo by Laser Dog ( Article Here )
har•mo•ny 3 by BorderLeap
Bit Blaster by Nickervision Studios
Mighty Crew: Millennium Legend by AminiLab
Launchasaurus by SFB Games
Quick Whack: Cube Clicker by Miroplay

Like always, we will post each week’s list of games being featured so you can check them out and grab the ones you want.

Google Play: Indie Corner

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