Day: 19 April 2016


Delve into realms of nightmare and gloom in Tormentum – Dark Sorrows, now available from Google Play

Released by OhNoo Studio, Tormentum – Dark Sorrow is a gloomy point-and-click adventure game that’s just been released onto Android. We have previously written on their crowd funding for this game. Set in a nightmarish world with visuals inspired by the artwork of H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński, players will be assuming the role of an unnamed protagonist, who awakens inside a cage (similar to what would house a parakeet), chained to a flying machine.


Razer finally makes their Turret Bluetooth gaming keyboard and mouse combo available for purchase

If you’ve been following our site for at least a year, then you might remember us talking about the Razer Turret back during CES 2015. Back during that show we sat down with Razer to try out the then new Razer ForgeTV along with a couple of different new Bluetooth peripherals, those being the Sevral Controller and the Turret lapboard and mouse combo. Well after over a year of additional development, the Turret is now finally available for purchase.


[Update: Game Release] DotEmu gives the world a survival guide to their upcoming game Pang Adventures

Back in July of 2015 DotEmu announced it would be bringing the classic arcade game Pang Adventures to Android. Well it looks like that game is finally going to get released soon and on multiple platforms outside of Android as well, which includes the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Back in the golden days of arcades Pang Adventures, or Buster Bros as it was called in some countries, was one of the more popular titles to play.


Blizzard will be unleashing the new Whispers of the Old Gods expansion for Hearthstone on April 26th, 2016

Blizzard has announced that the next expansion for their very popular TCG title Hearthstone will be arriving in about a week’s time. Officially dubbed Whispers of the Old Gods, this expansion will introduce 134 new cards into the mix, with some of the major hero cards focusing on… you guessed it… some of the old gods found within the lore of World of Warcraft.


Hidden Gem: Oliver World Adventures is a great entry into the world of arcade platformers on Android

Fans of games such as Super Mario Bros and other arcade platformers have a relatively new one to sink their teeth into on their Android device called Oliver World Adventures. In this particular game players will be assuming control of Oliver, who happens to be a monkey, and will help him get through each level on his quest to safely check out the rest of the world he lives in, with the end goal being to get to the castle and stop the evil that resides in there.