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HandyGames puts a bunch of their games on sale for $0.16 for a limited time

HandyGames is an Android game developer with a slew of games available on Google, Play, mostly offered for free. That being said, they also have a bunch of games that are premium versions of their free ones, and now many of those games have gone on sale. All of the games on sale are priced at $0.16.

HandyGames is offering a wide variety of settings for this sale, ranging from several World War 2 themed games, to zombie killing, high fantasy, sports, medieval games, ninja cats, fishing games, and more. Styles range from Sims and Management, to Runners, to Tower Defense, and more. At least on paper, there should be something for everyone.

HandyGames currently on sale:

– Townsmen Premium
– Guns n’ Glory WW2 Premium
– Guns n’ Glory Heroes Premium
– 1941 Frozen Front Premium
– Devils & Demons Premium
– Clouds & Sheep 2 Premium
– Aces of the Luftwaffe Premium
– 1944 Burning Bridge Premium
– I Slay Zombies – VR Shooter
– 1972 Pacific Front Premium
– Dynamite Fishing Premium
– SPS: Football Premium
– Stage Dive Legends Premium
– Guns n’ Glory Zombies Premium
– Ninja Hero Cats Premium
– Save the Puppies Premium

The best way to snag the game(s) you want is to just head over to the HandyGames developer page over on Google Play, which you can do with the link below. No word on when this sale ends, although it won’t be going for long.

Google Play: HandyGames

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