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Players can soon sink their teeth into the new Hungry Shark World, with pre-registration now live

Released by Ubisoft Entertainment, Hungry Shark World is the latest edition to the Hungry Shark franchise. Designed as a sequel to Hungry Shark Evolution, players will again be assuming the role of a (surprise!) hungry shark, who is out to eat everything that gets in its way.

The game is set to include 17 different sharks in 7 different sizes, so there will be a variety of different types to try out. For example, the Hammerhead shark is more nimble than other sharks. All told, all 17 have their own unique characteristics. As each shark gets used, they can be leveled up to bite harder, swim faster, be hungrier, etc. There are also different environments that can be terrorized, such as a Pacific Island that’s a tourist hot spot, the Arabian Sea, or in the Arctic ocean where there’s a secret and heavily guarded military base.

All three of those regions are open and free roaming as well. Players will have twenty different mission types to complete, as well as hundreds of consumable prey that range from whales, to people, to submarines. Help can also be enlisted in the form of baby sharks, octopi, and turtles. You can also trick out their sharks, with headphones, umbrellas, or the famous “feakin’ laser beam”.

Hungry Shark World is currently in a pre-registartion phase, so prospective players can hit up the link below to sign up and be notified when the game goes live. There’s no pricing mentioned as of yet, but it should be coming soon since pre-registration is live. If past performance is a future indicator here though, it should be free with optional IAPs included.

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