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Entertaining puzzle game Ghosts of Memories gets an update with a bunch of new levels

Back in October 2015 we reported on a new puzzle game called Ghosts of Memories. This particular game follows in the footsteps visually of other popular games such as Monument Valley and Lara Croft GO. However, with this game everything seems themed around a more mythological ancient civilizations.

This update actually features an epilogue to the game’s original storyline which players can follow while progressing through the new levels. Players will be  continuing on with their mystery-filled adventure in heavenly Elysium & grim Purgatory, two opposing worlds, which are basically like heaven and hell. The goal is to stop ‘The Great Evil’ that is coming and plans to reign over the universe.

Content-wise Ghosts of Memories features 2 new worlds, each of which contain 6 new chapters of puzzles to solve. Unlike the previous levels though, all of the new ones arriving with this update are by far much more challenging, at least according to the developers who cite player feedback for the increase in difficulty.

This expansion is now available for Ghosts of Memories on both Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore for free. If you don’t have this game, you can pick a copy up for $2.99 and it doesn’t come with any IAPs. You can also grab the game’s soundtrack off of Paplus Games’ website.

Official Website: Ghosts of Memories Soundtrack

Amazon Appstore: Ghosts of Memories

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