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Restore order in your chaotic lands in World of Dots, now available from Google Play

Released by Pebble Games, World of Dots is a new puzzler that’s available for the Android Platform. Set in a world where all the “dots” can now be rearranged, players will look to rebuild their world, which had fallen into chaos with its inhabitants turning on each other, and back in to one of order.

Long ago, there were Ancients who had the power to organize the world, based on where individual dots were placed, and used this ability to create a world of order and symmetry. Rivers, lands, and other geographical categories will need to be put into their proper places, only they show as different colored dots. The dots come in multiple colors, with each color standing for something different. So for example, blue dots would correlate to rivers, and red dots to bridges.

Each level has a different puzzle, with 75 total levels currently available within the game, and the developer has designs for more than two hundred total. The puzzling aspect of the game draws its inspiration from Rubik’s Cube, so players will choose a set of four dots (that form a square), and tap in the middle of it to rotate the dots in a clockwise fashion. The goal is to solve the puzzle for that level within a set number of moves, with bonuses being awarded when a sufficient number of moves are left unused.

World of Dots Features:

● Tap between 4 dots to rotate them clockwise.
● Link all the dots to complete the puzzle.
● Discover the story of the world of dots. Meet the main character and learn their secrets.
● Try to complete the puzzle with the minimum number of turns
● Complete all 25 levels to unlock the next chapter
● 75 challenging levels to give hours of entertainment.
● Completely free! No Ads or IAPs/p>

In the off chance that a player gets stumped, help is available. A puzzle might be reorganizing the dots to recreate a bridge over a body of water, so players would need to manipulate the red and blue dots to accomplish the goal. World of Dots is available for free from Google Play. You can, of course, check out some of the gameplay with the video below like always.

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