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Super Phantom Cat is an old school style of platformer that is now available

If you’re a fan of old school style of platformers, such as Super Mario Bros and other similar games, then there’s a bit of good news for you today. One of the games we checked out at GDC this year was a game called Super Phantom Cat, which takes a lot of inspiration from some of the classic platformers to have ever been released, but has a bit of a unique visual look to it.

In Super Phantom Cat, players will be assuming control over a little white car named Chemist White who is off on a journey through the Phantom World. Back when Chemist White was a little kitten, he was saved by Super Phantom Cat, which in turn became his personal hero. Fast-forward years later and Chemist White is traveling through Phantom World after discovering he can collect data shard, which he can then use to turn into different characters with different abilities including his hero Super Phantom Cat.

This game follows the classic platformer style of gameplay, where you can break bricks,  by jumping up under them,to collect these glowing dots and data shards should there be any hiding in said bricks. You’ll be able to defeat the monsters you come into contact with by jumping on top of them, or using one of your special abilities if you have one at that time. There’s also plenty of hidden areas and other secrets to find, which you will need to do if you plan to pass each stage with a full 3 star rating.

Super Phantom Cat Features:

– A modern twist on retro platformers with a quirky plot
– Clean, colorful art and whimsical character design
– Awesome chiptune soundtrack
– Hardcore platforming gameplay that’s perfectly tuned for touchscreens
– Bonus levels for even more challenge and depth
– Endearing unlockable characters ranging from a cute chicken to a menacing vampire (and everything in between)

While this game starts off easy in order to teach you the basics, after a few stages it starts to get progressively more difficult. You can customize your onscreen controls, or you can sync up your Bluetooth controller. Rounding everything out is a pretty solid chiptune soundtrack.

Super Phantom Cat is available for free off of Google Play globally today. It does come with IAPs, of which there are only two of – one for energy drinks and the other for unlocking special characters. You can also check out the gameplay with the video below.

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