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VOEZ, the latest game from Rayark, finally gets a release date

Rayark continues its entries into the music and rhythm genre. They have successfully released titles before that have made plenty of fans around the world. Deemo and Cytus continue to be two of our favorite games to play. Rayark has announced that their newest game will arrive this month. May 26th is the day that VOEZ will hit the Google Play Store and the iOS App store. 

Cytus and Deemo had fantastic stories that accompanied great gameplay and music. VOEZ follows six teenagers who discover their musical talents in Lang Kong Town. As with the other Rayark games previously released, we can expect VOEZ will have an interesting story that draws you in, while challenging your dexterity with gameplay at the same time.

“VOEZ breaks through the norm of past gameplay styles for rhythm games, blending the traditional ingredients of ‘tapping falling notes’ and ‘dynamic moving tracks’ together to create diverse background designs. The background design will drop 4 different note types along with the song’s tempo, and when players swipe notes, they move the track simultaneously, perfectly harmonizing elements of audio, visuals, and background designs together.” – Rayark

Rayark has taken things a bit farther this time with the synthesis of gameplay and real world integration with VOEZ. As the story unfolds, the main characters will visit different places such as Lan Kong Town, Lan Kong Train Station and Lan Kong Harbour. These places are based on actual locations in Taiwan. “Additional cities and destinations will gradually appear with the game’s progression, and as the time our main characters’ experience is in sync with the real world, players will feel like they’re right by your side.”

In the game, VOEZ Cafe is the main hangout of the teenagers. Rayark is in the process of creating a real VOEZ Cafe. It will be an exact replica of what the characters experience in the game. This first VOEZ Cafe will be in Taiwan. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience what some of the characters in the game experience. There will also be concerts and possibly live esports streaming sessions in the future.

As always, Rayark continues to be on the cutting edge of game design and enjoyable gameplay. We have heard great things about the VOEZ beta, based on what some of our readers were kind enough to post. If you didn’t get in on the beta, you only have a few weeks left before VOEZ shows up in the Google Play Store. VOEZ is set to release May 26th. As this story continues to develop, we will continue to update you. In the meantime, mark your calendars and get ready for some exciting gameplay coming from Rayark soon.

VOEZ Trailer:

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