Day: May 3, 2016

Game News

Meet Demon Castle, an upcoming Castlevania inspired platformer that’s coming soon to Android

An indie developer going by the name of shabadage, at least going by that name here in the DroidGamers community, has released a preview of their upcoming game called Demon Castle. If you’ve been around playing games since the early console days, you’ll immediately see influence from another franchise showing up in this game, that being the Castlevania series.

Game News

[Update: Controller Support] Fans of team-based shooters should check out Gangfort, now available from Google Play

Released by Gangfort, this particular game of the same name is a 2D team-based multiplayer shooter. Seeming to draw its inspiration from the likes of Team Fortress 2, with Gangfort actually having a lot of the same features as TF2, but implementing them differently. With that said, this game uses the ever popular retro-pixel look and is played exclusively in 2D.