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Brutal Studio releases Rocket Beast so you can fulfill your dreams of being a rocket launcher toting viking

Brutal Studio usually come up with some pretty interesting themes for their games and their newest release called Rocket Beast is no exception either. Players will assume control of a viking who had been granted incredible power that he is to wield while in the midst of war – A rocket launcher.

Like all of Brutal Studio titles, this particular one has plenty of humor in it. The goal in this game is to reclaim the greatest treasure any viking can possess, which is shampoo you can use to ensure you have gorgeous silky smooth hair, which is the pride of any real viking. However, said shampoo was stolen and now you’ve been granted a special power to wield on your quest to get back your shampoo, that being your rocket launcher.

Rocket Beast Features:

– Rocket Launcher: You must control your rocket missile through paths and obstacles to take out the enemies.
– Portals & Boosters: In some levels you will use portals and boosters to reach new areas or increase difficulty.
– Achievements: Try to be the best and then share your achievements with friends.
– Items & Perks: Buy special perks and items that will help you cause even more mayhem.

You won’t be controlling your viking in the traditional sense, as he is actually stationary. What you will be doing is controlling where he aims, and then once he fires his rocket, you’ll be controlling where that rocket goes. You will want to make sure you collect as much meat as possible in each level, while trying to get your shampoo back, so you can upgrade your rockets between levels. For longer shots, you’ll need to make sure you snag one of the gas canisters along the way.

Rocket Beast is available for free off of Google Play and can be played through without spending a dime. However, if you’re stuck, you can buy optional power-ups to help you out, and there is also an IAP for ad removal as well. You can check out Rocket Beast in action with the video below.

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